Word Puzzle Generator Review: Is It Good

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What Is Word Puzzle Generator?

Word Puzzles Generator isn’t simply one more application to make puzzle books, rather it’s a finished riddle book distributing suite.

It’s a spin-off of our leader item Instant Puzzle Generator. the ONLY 5X BIGGER AND BETTER!

Consumers Will Get These Puzzles


Your clients can make dazzling crossword puzzles very quickly and can have them up on the KDP commercial center available for purchase.

Twofold Puzzles

Give the apparatuses your clients need to make high-esteem twofold riddles books that are independent in nature or can be blended in with different sorts of puzzle books.

Word Scramble

This is such a well-known riddle specialty among kids and even among grown-ups. The main issue is that it tends to be a genuine torment to make these.

Missing Vowels

What better approach to show the idea and utilization of vowels to little youngsters. This module of the application will make it easy for you to make the riddles your clients need.


Are your clients battling with the work process with regards to Cryptograms? Try not to stress, we have been there for quite a long time and this module makes it simpler for you.

Favorite Features of customers

Twofold Puzzles

Gives the instruments your clients need to make high-esteem twofold riddles books that are independent in nature or can be blended in with different kinds of puzzle books.

Tweak Title and Description

You have 100% power over your titles and depictions. Tweak them voluntarily.

Brisk Edit Dashboard

Rapidly add or eliminate words from your riddles directly within the dashboard.

Definite Training

It has been made in a way to help you preparing recordings to assist you to start swiftly.

Utilize the worldwide alter settings to download the whole books

Utilize the neighborhood alter settings to download singular pictures

900+ Font Options

That’s right! Believe it or not! You can browse the same number of 900+ top-notch text styles for your riddles.

Numerous Layout Options

Need to change the design for your riddles? It’s as simple as a tick of a catch.

Various File Formats

This product gives yield records in PNG, JPG, PDF, and even PPTX design! Convenience is the situation.

Different Page Numbering Styles

No detail is excessively little for us! You can choose from upwards of 4 diverse page numbering alternatives.

Numerous Trim Sizes

Make your book in your preferred trim size directly inside the application. You are not restricted to explicit trim sizes.

Puzzle Regeneration

The application permits you to rearrange the letters to make a totally different riddle variation utilizing similar words.

Multicolor Puzzle Options

Complete adaptability to pick the shade of text styles and fringes of the riddles.


They are neurotic about their client service. We have a monitored helpdesk and a network of distributors as a FB gathering to assist you with getting unstuck.

Some other advantages

Fight Tested App

This riddle creation suite is something the product makers have been utilizing in their own KDP business and now it is the ideal time for their clients to exploit their fight tried programming to manufacturing their easy revenue realm.

High Converting Funnels

This product’s creators have a channel that is intended for very high changes. See, they realize this specialty back to front since they have been KDP distributors themselves creating a sizable lump of their pay each and every month from KDP eminences. their channels have changed over truly well before and they have this piece of the cycle dialed down.

$6,000 In NO MINIMUM Prizes

Truth is stranger than fiction! We have some astounding challenges lines up for our wonderful JV accomplices. We have a fundamental challenge where the principal prize is an astounding $2,000. We have an energizing rate challenge too. Point is you advance this, you will make bank.

Long haul Relationship

The product creators have esteem long-haul associations with you as colleagues and can guarantee you that they will endeavor to be there to help your business when you need them.

Do These Funnels Really Convert?

Pros And Cones

It is very cheap and provides
a lot of benefits as compare
to its price
It is only available in limited languages.
It will help you make
a living just by selling books
You have 100% control over your titles and descriptions.
Customize them at will.


This product is available for 27$ ONLY

The value this product provides is much more than its price


The product creators are really paranoid about their customer support. they have got a manned helpdesk and a community of publishers in the form of a FB group to help you get unstuck.So, This product will without a doubt help you make your money worth it.

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