Sqribble Review 2020: Worth the money?

Ebooks are without a doubt a great way to interact with your audience, provide them some good value, and even earn tonnes of money. To elaborate, it is nearly a $5 billion industry now, and it is still growing. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or what kind of site you own. Making ebooks help your audience trust you know that you actually have something worth sticking around for. This then goes on to make a great image of you in the overall market as well as helps you greatly if you eventually decide on publishing a product. And selling products through this has made hundreds of people millions of dollars As they realize that you actually do provide value.

A picture of Scribble to better elaborate Sqribble Review
Sqribble Review 2020

Knowing the importance of ebooks and the amount of ebook creating programs out there. We here at Minerva decided to review one of the most popular ebook creator under the limelight nowadays “Sqribble”, So lay back and read through the review to understand if it is actually as good they portray it

What is Sqribble?

As we already discussed, Sqribble is a program that will help you in creating interactive ebooks that you can either sell or give for free to your audience. But aren’t there are already a lot of ebook creator on the internet that you can use. The answer is yes but most of them come with flaws like having bad looking templates, being buggy, unreliable, requiring additional tools that you have to further pay for and even glitches

To further look in, sqribble is an online tool that helps in making not only ebooks but also, reports, whitepapers and other types of digital books with only a few easy clicks


Now, lets look into some of the features of sqribble that make it unique.

  • 50 eBook templates which cater to over 15 different niches
  • 10 different eBook themes
  • Automatically create content
  • Turn your book into a flipbook
  • Automatic table of contents
  • Automatic pagination
  • Drag and drop design
  • Add or delete pages
  • You can add your own media, custom photos to make the content more relevant
  • 300+ Google Fonts
  • Automatic headers and footers

Moreover, you also have the liberty of converting the ebook into a flipbook. And also the amount of liberty that it gives you is better than that of its competitors. It allows you to edit and customize designs, layouts, and everything else as much as you like and deem fit. You can literally take this tool anywhere your creativity allows. And don’t let the sheer quantity scare you, each and every single one of them is quite self-explanatory as well as easy to understand and use. It is so easy and quick to make that people have said to have made their first book with Sqribble in under 5 minutes

The Founder

A picture of Founder
Sqribble Review 2020

The founder of this product is Adeel Chaudhary, who is quite a renowned online entrepreneur. And also has had the prestige of his books being best sellers. He has over 10 years of experience in the field and was also a big part of Pixel Studio FX which in itself was a hit and sold hundreds of thousands of units on its own

Upsells of Sqribble

Upsells basically refers to paying again after first paying the basic fee to access the otherwise restricted features. So, let’s get into some of the upsells of Sqribble right away

  • Sqribble Prime: This will add 15 premium ebook templates to your dashboard every month that you can then freely use at your will. It costs nearly $2 for every template you get
  • Sqribble Fantasia 3D: This allows you to turn your ebook into a flipbook as well as unlocks a 3D cover creation tool that helps you give a completely unique look to your book
  • The auto job finder software: This will search through fiver and other such sites to land you jobs for creating ebooks if you want to earn money that way
  • Sqribble Professional: This upsell unlocks over 150 ebook templates, And not that surprisingly, the best looking templates are locked in this upsell. Other than this you also get more graphics to work with as well as some other already made for you content for other niches


  • Upsells: you have to pay separate money for accessing some very good features, more templates, and content libraries. But even if you don’t buy upsells, Sqribble can still provide some good value
  • Whilst inserting a URL, you have to refer to the author which might make the overall page look a bit tired.
  • You can only use this tool efficiently if you know and understand English, but it wouldn’t be a problem for anyone reading this review…lol


Sqribble is available on its official site for $67 as of now, which is a one time purchase, without considering the upsells. After buying the basic package you can go onto buying upsells as your requirement deems fit. And even if you don’t buy them, it still provides quite good value considering its price


A picture of reviews to better elaborate Sqribble Review
Sqribble Review 2020

Demetris Papadopoulous says:

“Sqribble SAVES me time and money in creating ebooks and reports from scratch! As an affiliate marketer and blogger I use it to build my list and get buyers fast. It’s AMAZING.”

Patt Flanagan says:

“Sqribble SAVES me time and money in creating ebooks and reports from scratch! As an affiliate marketer and blogger I use it to build my list and get buyers fast. It’s AMAZING.”

Carl Topping says

“It doesn’t get much EASIER than this to create professional looking eBooks! So many features and definitely worth having in your arsenal of tools. I save time & money with Sqribble.”

Luke Pryor says:

“Sqribble is absolutely great! I’m now able to create ebooks IN MINUTES. If I get stuck on content it helps finish the eBook for me! Definitely a product I’m going to keep using.:

Bobby Dolcee says:

“What I actually love about Sqribble is that all you need to do is copy a URL and it AUTOMATICALLY makes you an ebook! It’s GENIUS. One of the BEST software programs released.”

If you want to look into some more elaborate reviews, there are plenty on the official of Sqribble, here is a link, “Sqribble’s website


It is without a doubt one of the best ebook creators that you can buy. and it is definitely worth a try. This will completely take the grind of taking time out to create your ebook away. We suggest that you start off by buying the basic program for $67 and only buy further upsells through the money you earn through them directly and indirectly. Anyways do let us know if you have any related questions. And if you are looking into programs that can teach you to make money online then we have an article written on the 12-minute affiliate system and simple wifi profit. So do give them a look if you’re interested, “simple wifi profit“, “the 12-minute affiliate system

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