Simple Wifi Profits Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Lots and lots of money-making programs come each day. And, they try to entice people in to buy them in various ways. But, sadly enough most of them just end up being a waste of your time and money. That is why we here at Minerva reviews, critically analyze the products so you know what you are getting yourself into. And if it’s worth your time and money. Today, in this article, we will be looking into ” Simple Wifi profits” by Chris Eom and Andrew wright

A picture of the creators to better elaborate "Simple Wifi Profit Review"
Simple Wifi Profit Review

Simple wifi product is an online training program that promises to teach you affiliate marketing in a way that you ‘ can set up a good passive stream of income. Affiliate marketing is without a doubt a business model with great potential. For those of you who don’t know or just want to review what affiliate marketing is. Let’s look back into what it actually is.

Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting other peoples’ products on your site/ platform. And getting a commission if the product is actually sold through your reference. Moreover, the commission can be up to 75% for some products. So, it is surely something that has potential. If you want to know more about affiliate marketing ecomscoop has a great article on just that. So do give it a look if you’re interested. “All you need to know about affiliate marketing”. Now back to the program

This program guides you step by step starting from the very basics of affiliate marketing. The main focus of this program is to drive traffic from Facebook ads and selling some of the best products from Clickbank. This is, however, not a new method and is used by many affiliates. But, it is nonetheless hard to actually earn from it

What is the Simple WiFi profit?

Simple wifi profit as we have already said is a program that will teach you how to make money off of affiliated marketing. This program also comes with a

  • a call twice a month
  • A group coaching call (If you can’t make it to the live call, the call is recorded and to be used by the members when convenient)
  • A community group
  • 24/7 support if you face any problems

Moreover, the program also comes with already done for you campaigns that will help get beginners to get started fast. They ( the founders ) also claim that this program will eliminate any need for huge budgets as they will help fund the first few adds

Setting up a a passive stream of income

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to set up a passive stream of income and if it can actually be achieved through this program, it’d be a big win

What is a passive stream of income you ask?

A picture of passive income stream to better elaborate "Simple Wifi Profit Review"
Simple Wifi Profit Review

Well, let’s learn that through an example Say you had a rough night, you went to sleep early, woke up, opened up your laptop, and there, you earned yourself $30000 while asleep. Isn’t that just a dream come true. Well, this is called passive earning. So, basically earning money whilst you are not doing anything to actually earn money from that specific platform at the moment. Simply put, this means earning money from a source without ever having to cater to it day and night. You can go and try a million other things while still earning a table amount of money from a certain source.

Training course (The Member Area)

The training course or the member area as refereed by the program offers 7 chapters and a total of 10 modules. Moreover, the program also comes with some bonuses

A picture of the chapters of simple wifi profit to better elaborate "Simple Wifi Profit Review"
Simple Wifi Profit Review

Lets look into the chapters

Chapter 1

starts off by explaining what affiliate marketing is, the potential it has, and how it fares when compared to other online business models. It goes on to sharing the goods and bads of affiliate marketing networks and programs. This is a great way to motivate newbies who don’t know much about the eCommerce world. But, know that they want to be a part of it. Moreover, you are being about different people’s experiences and results throughout the course.

But despite all this, it does require determination and hustle from the audience’s part. They have to get involved and actually familiarize themselves with what actually is going on

Chapter 2

This chapter introduces the three step, easy to understand funnel

Some of the other things that you will learn in this chapter are “what makes good facebook adds”, ” How to make a good landing page”, “How to make a good video sales letter” and some other related things as well.

Chapter 3

This is where you set up the landing page ( the page where people go to after seeing your add, where you can tell people more about the product and get them signed up through your link). You do this via Clickbank or Hostgator. You will be given already made landing pages that you will just use and set up to make your funnel. This is where all the action happens and this is where you set up your site. And, hopefully, you will be creating your first online business’ assets here

Chapter 4

Finally, a chapter where you are taught about Facebook adds. You realize the importance of paid traffic in this chapter. If you use this part effectively, you can make double the amount of money then you spend. Many people have personally used these very techniques to earn double the amount of money, even if through, not these programs. An example of this is Jeff Lenney, who is an affiliate who has testified for these very techniques

A picture of some word by jeff lenney to better elaborate "Simple Wifi Profit Review"
Simple Wifi Profit Review
Chapter 5

This is where you actually launch your adds. You, already by now, would have a Facebook business manager, a good landing/selling page as well as a Clickbank account

Chapter 6

This is where you expand and scale your business up. This chapter will teach you how to make more and more adds efficiently and, increase the overall audience you’re interacting with. Some of the things that you would learn here is cloning ads, the lookalike method, zero-targeting, re-targeting ads as well as some more stuff

Chapter 7

This is where you are given and taught the tips and tricks of this field, which are without a doubt beneficial. It contains stuff from improving conversions and saving money.

A Heads up

Whenever there is a new product there are affiliates that pose only the positive and a biased view of a product to convince people into buying that product. Like every product, you purchase through their link is money in their pocket. So, you need to be careful whilst reading reviews and keep that aspect in your mind

Anyways, now that we have looked back into what affiliate marketing is to some extent. We will move onto analyzing the 12-minute affiliate marketing system which promises to be one of the best sources to learn affiliate marketing. But how true is that claim?

Now, lets look at some cons

The quality of the webinar that they offer is not very good and the value provided was nothing exceptional. Moreover, the creators state that they have spent $3 Million on their research but they never actually talk about what took such a huge amount of money and where it was actually invested. Some even say that it was just a marketing strategy

Moreover, at the start of the launch, they said that they would only be taking 30 students and no more in their webinar. But, this number was soon realized as a marketing tactic and nothing else. There was some skepticism regarding the money-back guarantee. But, the creators do offer a 60 day no question asked money-back guarantee

Moreover, some people also say that they have exaggerated their way into marketing despite the fact that they are providing value that might actually be of help. An example of this is the picture down below which shows that the amount of value you ‘d be getting will be more than $45000 which is obviously just to entice people using high-end figures

A picture of the things being offered
Simple Wifi Profit Review

The price

Simple Wifi profit is available for $1497 as of now and also offers another option where you can buy it through 3 monthly installments of $577 which is quite alot of me.

Who is behind this program?

Chris Eom and Andrew Wright are renowned affiliates, but there is not much information on the internet available on them. They do have a good fair of students that will vouch for them. And you will be able to interact with them personally to some extent through this program.

The Conclusion

This is a beneficial program when we look at it in a holistic sense. And there is no doubt that you can earn money through this program. The program is nonetheless an expensive one but all the money will be well spent if you actually set up a good income stream from it

What we recommend?

Well, no one likes to give money without gaining anything of value. And even more so if you are a bit tight on your budget. So, what we recommend is this: You sign up for the program first, and then see if you are able to at least earn that money back from this program within the prescribed 60 days. And if you are not able to earn at least $1500 ( the amount you’d spend for signing up) then request a refund

In case, if it doesn’t work out for you as well as you expected. It’d be better for you to do your search online and learn from youtube videos and blogs yourself. But, that said, this product does provide value and is worth giving a shot if you have the required money. But, not having this sort of money on the get-go does not mean that you cannot get started with affiliate marketing. You just need to start doing your research through youtube and blogs as we have already said in the above paragraph.

And there is another product “the 12-minute affiliate system” which is also quite a good affiliate related product. And we have written a review on that too so do give it a look if you’re interested in “The 12-Minute Affiliate System Review? Is It Worth It?

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