Perpetual Income 365 Review: Is It Legit?

Another product that offers to train and teach you how to earn money through affiliate marketing. The creator of this product works at Netflix and claims to have all his experience to teach you how to earn money. Let’s start off by explaining what affiliate marketing is as this whole product revolves around it and you should know the basics before you sign up for any such program. If you already know what affiliate marketing is, just skip this part and skim down to the heading “what is perpetual income 365”

A picture of the site ofPerpetual Income 365 to better elaborate "Perpetual Income 365 Review"
Perpetual Income 365 Review

Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting other peoples’ products on your site and getting a commission if the product is actually sold through your reference. Moreover, the commission can be up to 75% for some products. So, it is surely something that has potential.

How does Affiliate marketing work

Well, businesses, as we all know, need, and have to promote their products. Whereas, affiliate marketers do a very good job at promoting those products as they are trusted in their specific niches. So, basically they will plant a link with some descriptions on their websites promoting the specified product. Which, when clicked on, will open a new page from where they can actually buy the product.

A picture of affiliate marketing to better elaborate "Perpetual Income 365 Review"
Perpetual Income 365 Review

When people click on the link, a cookie is stored on their device and the cookie contributes two main functions

  • It helps the business know from which affiliate this customer come through and who must be rewarded in case of an actual sale
  • It has an expiration date, which means people don’t need to buy the product immediately for you to get credit. For example, let’s say, someone clicked through your link to buy a speaker, but they had to run to the grocery store and get some other things done. They get back after a few hours and buy the speaker along with headphones. The affiliate marketer will get compensation for the speaker as well as the headphones. Even though he/she wasn’t even promoting the headphones.

Now that we have had an in-depth view of affiliate marketing. Let’s look into what it actually is

What is Perpetual income 365?

As have been explained in the first paragraph, this program is all about affiliate marketing and focuses highly on email marketing to get you started. Moreover, the creator, Shawn Josiah claims to help you use the techniques used by big corporations like Netflix to help you get a settled passive stream of income. The program contains things for everybody, amateurs, who haven’t ever heard of affiliate marketing to already set affiliates.

Shawn himself got started with affiliate marketing only a few years ago and can relate to complete newbies in the field. He says that he was a bit overwhelmed when he got started with affiliate marketing and he wants you to learn from his mistake. And don’t waste your time on failing and wasting time unnecessarily. In this program, Shawn has tried to get done most of the hard work that is mostly required and has tried to make it as “done for you ” program as possible. And it seems that earning money through this program is actually only a few click away. But we will look into all of its aspects in further length a bit lower down in the article.

Shawn offers sales letters, emails so you don’t have to spend your time learning how to become a good copywriter

The Automation Software

This is without a doubt one of the biggest pros of this program. This software functions all of the backend related stuff itself, and all you need to do is to drive traffic, which you are taught quite well, with simple instructions in this program. After setting up the software, you will have a 30 day- a prewritten sequence of 30 days which will be already loaded into your autoresponder and as you already have a Clickbank link ( this is one of the very first things that you are made to do in this program), the autoresponder will automatically start sending interactive emails to you customers. And inclining them in. Note that these are emails written by actual professionals and are solely made to establish a good brand name for you. And get the traffic riled in.

Again, the most major part that you have to play in all of this is getting traffic. And considering the things that have already been done for you, it is not that big a deal. Moreover, if you are concerned that how could email marketing be so effective in actually helping you earn money so let’s talk about it a bit

why is email marketting so effective?

A picture of email marketing
Perpetual Income 365 Review

Email marketing is one of the best ways to market your product. Based on the data from 2018, it was ranked the most effective marketing channel !!. Surprising, right? you might be wondering why. Well, this is probably due to the sheer number of people using emails as data from 2017 shows that about 85% of adult internet users have an email. This is more than the search engine’s percentage by 15% and social media’s by 22%. So, Without a doubt, email marketing is immense potential and importance in the business world. To further elaborate, here is another fact about email marketing, According to the Direct Marketing Association, you get $40 for every $1 that you spend on email marketing. Which is a fantastic return on investment and something that you rarely see with other platforms?

Now that you have got a gist as to how effective email marketing is, you can now better understand why this program focuses so hard on email marketing. And have put so much effort in email marketing

The Facebook group

A picture of facebook group
Perpetual Income 365 Review

The members of this program have a very welcoming community, who are all ambitious and share their successes as they go on their journeys while answering each other queries. The group has over a thousand members as of now and Shawn himself is the admin of the group. Moreover, down below is a picture of a member of the group who shared his earning recently. And there are a lot like him that share each and every success. Which helps keep the other members motivated

A screenshot of a group member sharing his sales to better elaborate "Perpetual Income 365 Review
Perpetual Income 365 Review

How does knowlege from Netflix helpful in all of this

Simply put, this program teaches you how to market in an effective way as Netflix does. And the members look into how Netflix and other big typhoons like it get people to sign up so easily and you will be using the same pattern and technique to get people signed up for the products you promote.

Landing pages

This is the page where your audience will be taken once they click the link of your product. This is where you get people actually convinced and show them the value that the product will provide them. This program has made this step also very easy for you so you don’t have to put in the actual work required to set it up. It gives you an option to choose from seven landing page styles. This is how you actually go through with making landing pages within this program.

Step 1: You start off by clicking on the “Create A New Money Page” button and choose from the 7 templates that you are offered. But you only have the liberty of choosing and using two of them. And if you want to use all seven of them you will have to buy their upsell. Which we will talk about a bit later in this article

A picture of the seven templates to better elaborate"Perpetual Income 365 Review"
Perpetual Income 365 Review

Moreover, hosting the landing page is done from the program’s servers. So you don’t need to do anything like writing a blog. You can make a landing page within 15 minutes. As you also don’t need to write a high converting sales copy as it has already been done too.

The traffic Crusher

One of the most common things that successful affiliate marketers do is get paid traffic. I know, I know, this can be a bit daunting. But you can start off by a minor amount and as you start seeing a result, raise your budget. There are a total of three videos in this program that will teach you how to get this done

The First Video:

In this video, Shawn explains how to use solo ads, which is something that he, himself uses. And something that has helped him earn six to seven figures per month. To elaborate, Solo adds basically refer to paying other people to promote your page (product) to their email lists. (email lists refers to the list of email addresses someone has and hence can interact with). Shawn, in this video, goes on to explain why this has worked for him. And why it will work for you too. This will also help you make your own email list that you can use a bit more further down the line.

Moreover, he goes onto explaining simple business tips too. Tips like calculating your ROI so you know when you are actually making profits and when you are breaking even.

The second video:

This one’s a 24-minute long video where the main focus is on you earning $2000 per month. In this video too, Shawn comes with some more business tips. And explains why each and every business, no matter what kind does require some kind of capital to be invested. Additionally, he goes on to explain how perpetual income 365 tries to get the least amount of capital invested. “Perpetual Income 365 is different than other business models out there. As it’s been optimized for you to use the least amount of capital to get the highest amount of consistent income every month.”

The third video:

This video addresses the most commonly asked questions. And goes onto explain the most personal experiences regarding solo adds. Shawn also goes onto explaining the need to scale and how this can be done

Free bonuses (ebooks)

A picture of ebooks
Perpetual Income 365 Review

After you sign up for this program, you get 3 free ebooks to help you along with your journey. And to keep you in line with the main prospect. These five books are as follows:

  • Start today tiny Subscriptions big profits: Teaches you ways of earning money through small subscriptions
  • Income commander: teaches you further simple ways to earn money
  • Recurring revenue Master Plan: Teaches you some steps to set up a good passive stream of income. As the name suggests

The support system

Aside from the Facebook group, you could also send them an email. And you will be responded to in 24- 48 hours. I know that’s a bit long and that’s why the main interactions and community formation of this program is done through their Facebook group

Upsells of the program

These upsells are not necessary for you to actually deem benefit from this program. But, they are offered as the cherry on top. Three of the upsells they offer are

  1. Email ATM: This will help you do an email broadcast directly from the software.
  2. 5-clicks profit: These are actually six plugins that you can use on your landing page
  3. Perpetual Asset Multiplier: This allows you to use all seven of the templates from the landing page. Prior to this, you can only use two

Pricing and refund

A picture of money to better elaborate "Perpetual Income 365 Review"
Perpetual Income 365 Review

This program costs $47 per month and Getresponse is free for the first 30 days. And afterward, you will be charged $12 for a month. And aside from this, you will be spending money on getting traffic. So, it would amount nearly $70-$100 to actually get somewhere with this product. And if you want a refund, you would be given one. But, you would be later blacklisted, which is one of the cons of this product as it doesn’t consider the reason. And just thinks that people are just trying to get a free rail. Which is obviously not always the case. But their program is backed up with a 60-day guarantee from Clickbank. Which is one of the most legit refund policies there is.


This is a great product that is without a doubt not a scam. And can legitly help you earn you your first dollars from affiliate marketing without a doubt. What we suggest is that you do sign up for the course whilst you do your own research on eCommerce/affiliate marketing and other online business models o you become more and more familiarized with what you are getting yourself into. Some of the blogs that you could follow to become more informed are and backlinko , and one of our personal favorites is the youtube channel of income school. All of them provide great value and will surely help you in your online business journey.

And lastly, if you want to look into some other affiliate program before actually signing up. We wrote a review on the 12-minute affiliate system, so do give it a look also if you are interested “The 12-minute affiliate system review

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