Manifestation Wizard Review: Is It Worth The Money?

A good mental state is the biggest thing that will get you to wherever you want in your life. It takes people years to finally achieve a mental state and attitude that will take them places. And it’s alright to take time in actually achieving a progressive mindsight. And even when you achieve a good set of principles and a progressive mentality, you still have to learn and evolve each coming day. The mentality is what prompts people’s attitudes and actions. And those actions are what will define your life holistically.

Manifestation Wizard is a course that tries to nourish your mentality and get you into a mental state that can help you get your life on track. This is done by using self-hypnosis and as a tool to awake your subconscious sense and get it working in a progressive way. And the one doing this, Aoran has had the experience of over 20 years in the field of self- hypnosis. He himself has made the tracks that you will use in this course. And made them in a frequency that can supposedly come in direct contact with your subconscious sense

But before looking into the review of this product we need to clear out one thing.

A picture of manifestation wizard for a better Manifestation Wizard Review
Manifestation Wizard Review

Each and every person realizes the importance of the right mentality. And there are people who have started taking advantage of this very fact. And scamming people into paying a lot of cash whilst offering little valued courses. Which is absolutely horrifying. And no matter how much money you pay people to get you a better attitude and mentality. It is going to be your fight and a fight that you have to fight alone and keep on fighting. But some of these courses, youtube videos, blog posts as well as books can definitely help you in your journey. And we are going to be reviewing one of such products in the following parts of this article

What is the Manifestation Wizard?

It is a series of online videos, audios, and pdf books that claim to help you achieve a progressive mindset. And eventually lots and lots of money. It is more of a philosophical type of product, and I know there is a lot of skepticism surrounding these sorts of products as they are often perceived as scams. This product talks about energies within yourself and how you can manifest them to make your life better

Manifestation Wizard Review

Special tracks

These are tracks compiled under the supervision of Aoran ( the founder of this program himself. These tracks have just the right binaural beats that will supposedly be removing negativity and freshening your mind up. These are great soothing sounds that even help you go to sleep. Marketing of this product says that these sounds engage the subconscious self. Engage it into thinking in a progressive way and relieve some of that pending tension that you roam around bearing

A decorative picture of tracks for a better Manifestation Wizard Review
Manifestation Wizard Review

There are five main audio tracks n this program to help you through this program

Chakra: This track tries to reprogram your brain by trying to replace negative thoughts. And replacing them with the positive ones. Trying to fill you up with optimism

Divinity: This is where you try to utilize the law of attraction and self-hypnosis in a soothing way

Ethereal: This track helps you envision the energies around your body and put you in a meditative state. This is where you nourish your mind and set the values you want to assign to money and other material things in life

Warrior: Deflecting all the negative energy that comes your way and striving ahead to achieve your dreams.

Karma: This comes with Aoran’s voice himself where he tries to shun all your negative thoughts through changing frequencies of his voice

A great thing about these tracks is that you can listen to them anytime, any place whilst doing any other thing

Teaches you about the law of attraction

A decorative picture of law of attraction
Manifestation Wizard Review

The law of attraction is basically a philosophical and psychiatric belief that thinks that positive or negative thoughts and mindsets prompt positive or negative actions and experiences in our life. Which can be considered true to some extent when we view it from a psychological point of view

About the creator

The creator of this product is Aoran Surtees who has been a hypnotherapist and a mind coach in the United Kingdom for the last 20 years. And surely has a lot of experience in this field. Moreover, he has been featured on various platforms which further stand for the authenticity of his work. Some of the places, he has been featured in are BBC and ITV


This is without a doubt one of this course’s biggest pros as this course is highly affordable and comes at a price of a mere $9. Moreover, there is a 100% money-back guarantee in case you don’t feel content with the services you get. Not only this, but you also get 60 days to go through this product. And you ask for a refund, no question asked whatsoever.

Pros and cons

A decorative picture of pros and cons for a better Manifestation Wizard Review
Manifestation Wizard Review


  • Very simple to understand English, that will let you have the taste of the manifestation wizard to its full extent
  • Moreover, manifestation wizard comes with a 100% money-back guarantee in case you don’t feel content with the services you get
  • You get a whopping 60 days to try this product. And if you don’t feel satisfied, you can return it quite easily
  • The pdf books and digital downloads are immediately available after you purchase the manifestation wizard
  • It helps you cater to any psychological issues. And helps you feel more at peace in whatever state you are right now
  • It is quite affordable and is available at a price of $9 as of now.


  • There is not much feedback available about this product. So you can’t be a hundred percent sure as to what you will you be getting yourself into
  • This course is worth nothing if you don’t actually take action after going through the course. As we mentioned before it is a battle that you will have to fight yourself, no matter how much guidance you get from courses like the manifestation wizard.
  • You can gain a good mental outlook and mentality for free from referring to some good youtube videos, conducting research, and reading some books.
  • This course talks about spirituality. And when any course enters the realm of spirituality there is a high level of skepticism involved


You really don’t have much to lose when you sign up for this product. It costs a mere $9 which is not much money. And besides, you can even get that back if it didn’t satisfy you in any way. So there is surely something that you can give a try even if you don’t have money.

But more importantly than this is that you understand that there is no special keyword that he/she can just give you and your life will be set that. That is complete nonsense. And if someone claims that he.she can give you such a recipe that he/she is doing nothing but spouting nonsense. Even if you don’t but this product you need to start reading some inspirational books and watching some inspirational video. And even if you don’t feel like doing g int in the start you might just have to force yourself to at first. Some of the books and youtube we recommend for you to start reading and watching are as following


  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  •  Screw It Lets Do It: Lessons in Life, by Richard Branson
  • Awaken The Giant Within, by Anthony Robbins
  •  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
  • As a Man Thinketh

Youtube Channels

Hopefully, this list was, do use the comment section if you have any queries. And lastly, if you are looking into affiliate marketing and are curious about some of the programs that will teach you how to make money through affiliate marketing, we wrote an article on such a program so do give it a look .”The 12-minute affiliate system review“.

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