Madsense Revolution Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

There are many programs out there that claim to make you a lot of money in an instant, but most of them end up being scams and some of them that do provide some value don’t provide it as much as they should considering their cost. So we here at minervareviews look into these products so you know what you will be getting yourself into before actually paying for these products/ services. The product that we will be reviewing today is ” Madsense Revolution“, down below is an overview of this product

Product name
Front-end price
Release Date
Release Time
09:00 EDT
Make Money Online
Very High
Skill levels needed
No need any skills
Effective Response
Mega 100 Bonuses Value At $5000
30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

What Is Madsense Revolution?

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Madsense Revolution is a jam-pressed, bit by bit video program which takes you from thinking nothing about Viral News Sites to setting up your own viral site, driving more than 100,000 one of a kind guests, and creating incomes from the website in under 30 days.

In 2017, They Released Madsense Reborn and In 2018, they Released Madsense 2.0 With Updated Techniques, In 2019, Madsense Revamped With More Profitable Ad Networks and Traffic Sources. 2020, the horrible, unpleasant year that everybody detests, was quite amazingly beneficial for Abdullah, his accomplices, AND his understudies. Why? Since they jettisoned paid traffic, they dumped Adsense, they discovered new traffic sources, which are free, And fast. Also, without knowing it, millions were produced between 2019 – 2020 with free traffic simply like that. Utilizing straightforward, minuscule little, simple to the arrangement, Free to arrangement destinations.

Madsense Is far more productive than you ever suspected. This traffic source has been under your eyes for this time. Presently you might be pondering, what are the traffic sources you all are utilizing which are so stunning? The one they suggest you start with is additionally the one that got them 100k+ guests month to month for nothing. And keeping in mind that they might want it to stay concealed so no one takes from them they have generally excellent item access insurance, so just paying clients access the data.

Furthermore, today, at the present time, you’ll able to see traffic from it, in the hundreds, with no past experience, or knowledge of this traffic source.

More than 100,000 CLICKS/MONTH Without Spending A Dime. What about That? So let me ask you this, in the event that traffic is the backbone of any online business, at that point on the off chance that you could get 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 ticks, every year, per quarter, PER MONTH, would it be beneficial to your business? Indeed it would. Also, therefore, they are so certain about their program and strategy, they are glad for their understudies, and they made the Ultimate program to transform you, for GOOD. Presenting MADSENSE REVOLUTION.

Whatever You’re Making In Your Job, business, or administrations at present is replaceable. but, your time isn’t. You need time on experimentation, discovering traffic sources, setting up a site, sorting out advertisement arrangements and the sky is the limit from there. Yes, so much work, so little influence, sucks! This spares time and considers quicker outcomes with no danger. You need to Get Madsense Revolution now.

This one doesn’t talk about the old boring way of doing things

  • No SEO
  • NO Facebook Or Google Ads
  • NO spending innumerable hours making content
  • NO sitting around idly making futile backlinks
  • NO getting hit by Google Animals (Panda, Penguin, and so on)
  • NO getting restricted

In Madsense Revolution it is far quicker and simpler to begin seeing benefits and making sure about a couple K’s in your Adsense before the special seasons are finished.

That is on account of better traffic, better arrangement of the site, and better mystery record.

For novices, most will ordinarily begin with a low $5/day spending plan. However, in the long run, when the opportunity arrives to scale with a greater financial plan, you’ll run over issues, for example, your advertisement account being crippled, benefit showcasing gets more slender and you won’t realize how to part test your promotions appropriately.

But with Madsense you figure out how to appropriately scale your promotions to earn 6-7 figures. It is a quick and simple way to make you rich.

How Does It Work?

It works by allowing you to do these things

  • How To Get 100k+ guests every month
  • The brand NEW system, never shared
  • Free traffic + paid traffic = Easy benefits
  • Faster Scaling
  • Viral news loadout: 11 most handy records for news site proprietors
  • year activity plan for 6 figures
  • New Publisher Networks (Independent of Adsense)
  • More Traffic Sources

Madsense Revolution is a jam-pressed, bit by bit video program which takes you from thinking nothing about Viral News Sites to setting up your own viral site, driving more than 100,000 exceptional guests and creating incomes from everywhere the web in under 30 days.

In any event, when most businesses were seeing a defeat during COVID, Madsense is as yet flourishing and more productive than any time in recent memory since it doesn’t rely upon others to purchase stuff and more individuals are online now than any time in recent memory.

Features of This Software

  • There Is NOTHING That Is Proven And Tested And Improved Over 4 Years, With Hundreds Of Thousands In Results That Can Get You Results In Hours but this software.
  • With Madsense Revolution, No Method, No Software, no Coaching, And No Training,
  • Madsense Revolution Is Unique Because Of The Rare Combination Of Free Rapid Traffic That Is Reliable, But Also A Reliable, Fast Paying and Proven Monetization Source
  • Madsense Revolution Is 100% Unique And BRAND New, Not A Refresh, Re-Launch Or A Rehash.
  • It doesn’t take a virtuoso to realize that 90% of the items out there are not unique.
  • They don’t play games, they built up their own strategy, their own plan of action, their own beginning, and end, and culminated it.
  • Furthermore, that is actually what you’re getting, a pristine punishing technique that works and has a little rivalry.

What Madsense Revolution Can Do For You?

Here’s EXACTLY How It’s Delivered In Madsense Revolution:

Asset #1: 5 Easy Modules To Follow To Generate Income and Traffic Today. Every module is impeccably made and arranged with the goal that you can devour the data and begin ASAP. From how to get fast free traffic to how to arrange your first site for nothing and that’s just the beginning, you will LOVE Madsense Revolution.

Asset #2: Done For You Materials To Speed Up Your Progress. All through Madsense Revolution, you’ll have to set things up, things like your site, the substance, the adaptation, and they did all that they can to give you all that they use in their everyday business conveyed in an accomplished war for you to design. Among the DFY components, you’ll discover things like their mystery document which you add to your site, and increases your pay, substance, and traffic alternate routes just to give some examples. Madsense Revolution is the most complete program you’ll discover at this cost. Ensured.

Asset #3: What isolates a decent mentor from an awful mentor is the point at which the mentor knows precisely what you have to do to get effective. Since they’ve been doing this for quite a long time, each year idealizing and improving, and changing, and adjusting, they’ve made a cheat sheet you can use to ensure you’re doing the correct things constantly.

Asset #4: 12 Month Action Plan To Make A Solid 6 Figure Income In 2021 and Beyond. The significant thing about this program isn’t the way that you can bring in cash today, because, that is guaranteed. They will probably get you to 6 figures, to instruct you all that they know, so they made a year activity intend to arrive at a strong $100,000 or more pay one year from now and quit your place of employment on the off chance that you have one.

Asset #5: 1 DAY PLAN (Make Money Today): You need to pull out cash to your record and see it hit it. This is actually what you’ll realize in the modules of the Madsense Revolution, this 1-day plan is ideal for your psychological wellness and your inspiration. You’ll cherish seeing a couple of dozen dollars being produced by tomorrow first thing, at last realizing you discovered something genuine.

Asset #6: Scaling Resources, Optional Paid Traffic, Growing Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Once You’re Ready. With regards to pulling out all the stops, you have to scale, for that, they give a different arrangement of assets and preparing so that once you are prepared, you can utilize their materials, assets, and paid traffic recommendation to pull out all the stops. With Madsense Revolution, You can make 6 figures with free traffic, however, paid traffic will get you there quicker. When you prepared some cash and you’re, bounce onto this segment, eat up it, and approach smashing it.

Asset #7: A Solid “Leave” Plan To Sell Your Business For A LumpSum Amount. With Madsense Revolution, You can work the same number of these productive sites as you need and bring in huge cash. The individuals who will become super effective, similar to your fundamental one, will possibly be sold for a gigantic sum, in this last advance they just reveal to you how to do that once you arrived at that place. In the event that you don’t arrive at that place, you can in any case sell your business for 5 figures effectively, they’ve done it on various occasions, so did their understudies, it’s simple, and it’s good times.

Pros And Cones

There are people making
 thousands of dollars per
month this way.
relies heavily on Adsense & FB ads
Allows you To Get 100k+ visitors per month
Free traffic + paid traffic = Easy profits
12 month action plan for 6 figures
More Traffic Sources


The Front-end price of this product is $27 and it also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, which means you can sign up for this product and in case you don’t end up liking it in the first 30 days you can simply ask for a refund

A Few Bonuses From Our Side

1. How to Grow Your Business With Sales Funnels

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The sales funnel is a marketing process where you take prospects through a number of steps to get them familiar with you and your products so they feel comfortable enough to purchase from you.

This is a metaphor that’s used to convey the various stages of the selling process. Sales funnels can be used with any time of business, but in this report you learn how to best implement them with internet marketing.

2. Essential Guide to Affiliate Profits

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Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about how to choose the right products to give you maximum results, the one mindset change that will have a massive impact on your chances of success, the reason why one product might be a better bet than another, even though you might initially think it’s the other way around, why you must build a list if you want to be a successful affiliate and an outline of how you can do it, tactics and strategies to make people buy from you and not somebody else, why affiliate marketing is often about becoming a trusted advisor in your niche and how to do it, making money from product reviews and why product negatives can actually increase your chances of making sales and so much more!

3. Commission Miner

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Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about the secrets to supercharging your affiliate commissions using these little-known techniques that blow most affiliate marketers techniques away, how to blow your competition out of the water by becoming an authority in your niche and becoming the go-to person in your market, the hidden affiliate marketing tactics that can increase your conversions (and sales) by such an astonishing rate you’ll never believe it, the real keys to affiliate marketing success; the methods the top super affiliates use to make millions of dollars per year and so much more!

4. Affiliate Infantry

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Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about the ridiculously simple way to find all the affiliates you can handle without spending a dime, the ultimate way to motivate affiliates to perform better than they ever have before, the quickest way to convince your affiliates to promote more than one of your products, and how to make it brain-dead easy for them to do it, what affiliates really want, and how you can become a super affiliate magnet, attracting huge numbers of quality affiliates in no time flat and so much more!

5. Work At Home Methods Unleashed

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Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about what about affiliate and niche marketing, making your way with blogs, supplying information, software and memberships, services, and network marketing

6. Twitter Basics… for Internet Marketers

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Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about what Twitter is, why it’s so great for internet marketers, how to get started in record time, profile tweaks that will increase your profits, how to generate your first 100 or so followers in record time, the difference between followers and real followers, how to sell using Twitter, the costly mistakes you must avoid, making tweets — the right way, how to build relationships with your followers, how to maximize your success — the easy way and so much more!

7. The Art Of Selling Online

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Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about how the selling process really works no matter what your product is, how to establish yourself as an authority in your niche so you become the go-to person, the №1 mistake made by 99% of all e-mail marketers online, begin to use relationship selling to market big-ticket items online so you can sell higher-priced products to customers over a lifetime and grow your business, retain customers, get free referrals, and see your reputation solidly established online.

8. The Traffic Handbook Video Course

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This video course will show you some of the most effective ways and methods of generating traffic to your website.

You will discover proven traffic methods you can apply today to grow your social media following, get more email subscribers, and increase sales.

How To Get These Bonuses

It’s quite simple, just buy the course through our link and then send us an email at with your receipt and our team will send over your bonuses


This is without a doubt a product that we recommend, you can get started with the product and give it a try for the first 30 days considering the things that it promises, and in case it does not end up satisfying you, you can always sin up for a refund without any hassle.

. Hopefully, this review was helpful if you have any further related question feel free to use the comment section below and lastly if you want to are interested in making money through niche site creation, we have great articles on Authority hacker’s Tass and Income School’s project 24, so do give them a look if you are interested “Income School’s Project 24 Review: Is It Actually Good?“, “Authority Hacker’s TASS Review: Is It The Best?“, and lastly if you want to go on and read some interesting facts about online ads ,choozle has a great article written on it, you can giver it a look “here

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