Instagram Reels Marketing Review: All About It

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms out there, and there are quite a lot of ways to earn money from it. A recently launched feature of Instagram that many people are using to earn some extra bucks is “Reels”. And considering the potential that this new feature of Instagram has, there are quite a few people are selling products to in order to teach people how to earn money through this feature, one of the new products that has just come out is “Instagram Reel Marketing“, a cheap product nonetheless that we would be looking at in depth in today and evaluating if it is going to be worth your time and money.

For those of you who don’t know what Instagram Reels is, it is basically the latest format of Instagram Stories that can be used to create & share 15-second video clips either with followers or, with the public at large through the explore page. Now, that we have understood the basic gist of this product lets get right into the review. So without further ado, lets get right into analyzing this product and what it has to offer.

What Is Instagram Reels Marketing?

A Video From The Founders Of The product

Simply Put this is a complete guide that will start from the very basic concepts and then go on to teach you everything there is that you should know about the concept. Moreover, this product also comes with a few done for you funnels which you can get started right off the bat. The overall setup process that you would be taken through is also rather quite easy and you don’t need to worry about being a complete newbie if that is one of your concerns. The product promises to have done quite a lot of your work for you, and the only thing that you majorly would have to do is just download, edit and sell

One very important thing to note at this point is that this product and model majorly focuses on selling info products, for those of you who aren’t feamiliar with the terms these are basically products that contain information about a certain thing or otherwise konwn as e-coources and their likes. Now that we have undestood the basic crux of the products lets get right into the modules which this products comes packed with

Now that we have given you the basic gist of this product, lets dive into the modules

  • Module 1 – Premier Training Guide on Instagram Reels Marketing Value: This module is all about the practices for optimally running your efforts on Instagram Reels. These practices that you would be taught have been tested again and again so to provide you with the best tips that you would be able to use
  • Module 2 – Well Designed Sales Page copy Value: Just as the name suggests, this refers to copies of professional sales pages that can get the sales running for you
  • Module 3 – Customer Sales Video: This module is all about getting the most updated Doodle Style Sales for your funnel and to derive the best traffic one can
  • Module 4 – Professionally Designed Graphics: Here, you will get a set of graphics which you can use to sell products. Apart from this you would also be getting artwork that you can use as a sales tactic. Furthermore, the image would be in both PSD format as well as PNG format so you can use whichever suits you
  • Module 5 – Animated Banners: This module is all about getting already designed banners so you wouldn’t need to make them yourself
  • You will be getting optimally designed banners so you won’t have to make them yourself
  • Module 6 – Professionally created expert Email Templates: Email marketing is one of the best ways to marketing online nowadays, and not getting into that would without a doubt be a mistake, so this product also barges into that by giving you optimally written email swipes which will hopefully help you inrease your overall revenue
  • Module 7 – Professional Minisites: This is basically you getting n optimized sales page for. This means you would not have to spend time on things like building which con sometimes be quite of a hustle
  • Module 8 – Legal Pages: Covering the legal aspect can also be essential, this module covers that as your legal pages for selling products will be done for you
  • Module 9 – Social Media Graphics: Here, you will be getting optimally made covers that you can use, along with helpful graphics and profile images that can be used by you for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Module 10 – PDF Graphics: Here, all of the images and graphics that have been used in the training guide in the form of PSD files so to make it easier or you

You will also be getting three bonuses

  • Bonus 1 – Cheat Sheet Value: This is basically a practical tool that will go on to guide your customers with very easy to follow steps throughout the whole training. Every aspect of the training is devided into smaller easily digestible pieces that you can execute with quite some ease. It would be a good ad-on the rest of the things that you would be getting in this product.
  • Bonus #2 – Mind Map: This is basically the summary of all of the things that have been told in the whole of the training. This will aid the overall training that you would be getting
  • Bonus #3 – Top Resource Report: An in-depth research report on Instagram Reels, strategies and practices. This includes everything from training courses, videos, tools, forums, affiliate programs, facts, Infographics, and case studies

The Pricing Of This Product

This product is rather quite cheap and is coming at a price of $10. Moreover, this product will also come with a 30 day money back Gaurantee, which basically means that you can actually try this product without any worries of liking this product or not, and if by any chance you don’t end up liking the product, you would have the liberty of asking for a refund with quite some ease.

There is also an upgrade/upsell version of this product which comes with the following modules. The upgrade would also give you full private label rights

Module 115 High-Quality Training Videos
Module 2Expert Sales Video
Module 3Professionally designed PPTs
Module 4Product Graphics
Module 5High converting Upsell sales copy
Module 6Upsell Minisites
Module 7Audio Files
Module 8Video Raw Files
Module 9Swipe emails
Module 1010 Unique Articles
Module 11Complete Lead Magnet System
Sub-Module 1Squeeze Page Index File
Sub-Module 2Squeeze Page Copy
Sub-Module 3Squeeze Page Graphics
Sub-Module 4Squeeze Page Free Report
Sub-Module 5Squeeze Page Follow-up Swipes

Pros & Cons

Very Easy to useComes with an upsell
which can be a bummer
The product targtets
targets instagram which is
becoming a hub
of online sales nowadays
Only suited for people
who can speak
Targets info products
which in itslelf is a $80
billion industry. This niche
also isn’t also that hectiv
You will also be getting Done
for you funnels and products
Cheap product
at a mere price of $10
come with a 30 day money back
gaurantee, which basically means
that you can actually try this product
without any worries of liking this
product or not, and if by any chance
you don’ot ned up liking the product,
you would have the liberty of asking
for a refund with quite some ease.
Training videos are
quite easy to undestand
and elaborate
Friendly to complete


A product with much potential that you should definitely give a try. The product as we discussed above comes with a 30 day money back gaurantee, which basically means that you can actually try this product without any worries of liking this product or not, and if by any chance you don’t end up liking the product, you would have the liberty of asking for a refund with quite some ease.

Hopefully this review was helpful in helping you get more informed about this product, in case you have any type of related questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below and if you want to are interested in making money through niche site creation which is without a doubt one of the most trusted ways to get started ( though it may take some time ), we have great articles on Authority hacker’s Tass and Income School’s project 24, so do give them a look if you are interested “Income School’s Project 24 Review: Is It Actually Good?“, “Authority Hacker’s TASS Review: Is It The Best?

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