Income School’s Project 24 Review: Is It Actually Good?

There are many programs out there that claim to make you a lot of money in an instant, but most of them end up being scams and some of them that do provide some value don’t provide it as much as they should considering their cost. This has troubled thousands of people out there who are just looking for a course that would effectively guide them through the process of making money online in a real way without any trickeries. There are only a bunch of courses that can actually help you do that and one of them that often comes up whilst discussing this matter is “Income School’s Project 24”, so we here at Minervareviews decided to review this product. We will be critically looking into all of its, features, pros, and cons so that you know if it will actually be worth your money.

What Is Project 24?

Project 24 is a video-oriented program and community that would teach you how to make money through building authority niche sites and earn money on them through affiliate links and Add sense. So, to simply put it, you will be taught how to choose a niche (field) to make a site about that will work, and then you would be taught how and what kind of content you should post on the site, how to search engine optimize it and you are also given a timeline as to what to expect during the specific month of the time-frame

Income School Project 24 timeline to better elaborate Income School's Project 24 Review
And So On, here is a link if you want to see their whole timeline “Project 24 Timeline

One very important thing to note here is that this product doesn’t make wild claims like making you rich overnight but rather claims that if you follow it through consistently, you will be able to replace your regular income by this within 24 months which is a very realistic time-frame. This transparency without a doubt helps people understand the true patience that actually goes into building money online. And this is the truth that over 90% of the online marketers don’t tell you about as they are too busy showing off their Lamborghinis, big houses and selling your their lifestyle rather than showing you the right way to make money on the web.

This project keeps on updating and adding their videos nearly every week, and the members are notified on their emails or through their youtube channel every time something new comes up. Moreover, they provide more value for free on their Youtube channel ” Income School ” than most of the people do in their courses costing thousands of dollars. You should definitely give their youtube channel a look and see the things they teach for yourself. Moreover, they also are the most transparent, telling their community about their successes as well as the failure stories that they have. And they even share the names of their websites so that their students even on Youtube can check their content out and see how things roll.

How Does Project 24 Work?

As soon as you sign up you gain instant access to the dashboard which has hundreds of videos. Down below is the snippet of the dashboard to better help elaborate the view.

Income School Project 24 courses to better elaborate Income School's Project 24 Review

The very first one you go through is the 60 step to building a website and this is the basic crux of it all. Through these 60 steps, you will be learning everything listed below and more

  • Picking a niche
  • Setting up your website
  • Learning SEO
  • Writing 30 articles
  • Creating 10 videos
  • Monetizing your site

The timeline of the product affirms you to go through these 60 steps in the first 2 months by actually doing the things that they teach in those 60 steps in 60 days. But do remember that the average earning of your site from are expected to be $5.94 even after the first 6 months as your site wouldn’t just suddenly skyrocket, it would obviously take time for Google to recognize your content, this stage is known as the Ghost town as you have to stay consistent even though you aren’t seeing any results. But then when Google finally does recognize your content, there would be a steep turn in traffic and your income would increase drastically, so you just have to be patient

After you go through the first 60 steps you can then go from there to learning other stuff. Moreover, they keep on adding new and updated videos to keep the content more and more relevant as time goes and the updates, as well as the already their content, is quite simply explained. The community of this project is by far considered the most beneficial part of this project as you will be interacting with people who are going through the same journey as you and can understand and help whatever problems that you might be facing

How Is Income School Different?

Jim and Ricky have achieved success themselves through following the method that they preach and they keep on doing it continuously by even showing you their sites as examples for you to see that it actually works. Moreover, their unconventional approach of not using any kind of keyword tool ( which by the way costs some extra recurring money ) and not making their students on link building just makes some other marketers itch. But this doesn’t only save a lot of money for their students but can actually help you invest your time in more important things like actually creating quality content that would help the searcher on the web. Down below is the picture of the sites that the founders own and how much each and every one of them is earning them

Income School sites to better elaborate Income School's Project 24 Review

But more imporntantly they also share their failures and then disect why these sites didn’t do as well

Income School DIY House Security niche site to better elaborate Income School's Project 24 Review

Who Is Project 24 For?

This project is meant for complete beginners who want to earn money online and even for the marketers who just want another stream of income. Moreover, it especially targets people like stay at home mom or dads or people who want to eventually get rid of their jobs and be able to spend more time with their family and friends

Who Is Project 24 Not For?

Well, as you might have guessed up till now, this program is in no way for people who want to make money quick be done with it as you can find literally thousands of courses that can claim to help you do that, but even a single one of them would actually do until unless you do something exceptional apart from those things being taught.

Moreover, if you want data to help you, Project 24 is a bit hard on that is it claims that no keyword research tool out there does truly have the actual true data, all of them are just estimates and they can be super accurate. You can use them for guidance but you cannot move to rely on them solely moving with Project 24. So to sum it all up, it is optimally for people who want to make money online and can accept that it is not going to be served to them on a silver platter and that they would have to work and be patient to see actual results

The Structure Or Project 24

well as we have already shown you the dashboard, and told you that the first thing that you use is the 60 step process. After going through that and wanting to go through the other courses and information being provided by income school. and when you click on any of them. A whole list shows up

Income School Project 24 Pinterest course to better elaborate Income School's Project 24 Review

and each list contains chapters and after you click on these chapters, you instantly get access to a video or a couple of videos

Income School Project 24 lesson to better elaborate Income School's Project 24 Review

Aside from the courses you also get access to the following things

  • The community
  • The guideline
  • The podcast
  • Files
  • Vlogs
  • Acabado info.
  • Different events

The Community

Having a community can be a very helpful part as you can ask any kind of questions that you have during your journey to other people and you will be answered to. In fact, this is where the community of Income School shines the most as people respond quite promptly even if it’s not Jim and Rick themselves. And many of the people who buy the course say that the best part about this program is the community without a doubt. You can see the amount of responses that they get from the screenshot down below

Project 24 community responses to better elaborate Income School's Project 24 Review

Transparency Of The Founders

Many of the teachers out there don’t actually show their sites as they think that revealing their sites would invite competition and hinder their business. But, Jim and Ricky are quite open about their sites as we discussed above which can prove quite beneficial for their students too

Pricing Of Project 24

The price of this comes in a yearly module. The price is $449 for the first year and $199 per year thereafter. The founders of the program have recently removed their guarantee. As they said that many of the people after signing up would just download the videos and then ask for a refund afterwards, which was obviously troublesome for them

Continuous Testing

Jim and Ricky are on a constant journey of finding new niches and exploring them. Moreover, they also keep on making niche sites atleast one every 6 months to keep in line with the new things happening in the search engine world and keep on checking if their method still works everytime

The Youtube Channel

The amount of value they provide on the youtube channel regardless of whether you join their program is without a doubt one of the best. They teach people how to target niche sites what kind of mistakes they might be making, how to adapt to the new changes being made on the web, and on every different various aspects. They have over 130,000 subscribers as of this moment and they will keep on increasing. They publish content at least once or twice a week. And people have made their businesses a success through the mere help from their channel. They also deal with answer some of the main questions like how long does it take for a site to actually start producing money, what kind of content should one be posting and how to provide the most value possible to the people who come to your sites

No Fake Advertisements

They don’t use any kind of shady advertisements, show off cars or houses to get you involved, they just provide value and then some more value. Moreover, they don’t keep on selling their program on their youtube channel but rather focus on providing value to people who aren’t signed up too. And the times that they do talk about their program they do it quite admittedly, open and transparently. Moreover, after you buy this program there isn’t anything else to buy. There are no upsells or anything of this sort. Last but not the least, their content is not boring to watch and is quite easy to see from their content that they are only preaching stuff that they actually believe in.


The members of project 24 would also be getting Acabado which is a WordPress theme made by the founders of this product. For the people who aren’t members and want this theme, the theme costs $50 per annum. If you want to know more about what the Acabado theme is and what it covers, here is a link that you can give a look to ” More About Acabado

Project 24 community Acabado

The Podcasts

The podcasts are available for paid members only, it might be a bit tricky for some people to get started with the podcast on their phones. But its all setup, the podcasts are actually quite good. Moreover, you will have access of all the podcasts that have taken place. In each one of these podcasts, they start with a topic and share their experiences with them and share how one should process with them

You’ll learn the up-to-the-moment cutting-edge internet marketing techniques in the Project 24 Podcast.  Jim and Ricky share in season one how they took Camper Report from $2,000/month and changed the monetization to get it to $8,000 per month.

In season 2 of the podcast, they share EVERYTHING about Project Rexburg: costs of writing an article, how to scale with freelance writers, and more.  You’ll learn how to scale up your blogging operation.  But, there’s a lot more.  Many of the courses in Project 24 are absolutely applicable to you.  The course on monetizing with ads, SEO, and others are especially important.

The 60-step process for building a site will have many steps you can fly through (for example how to set up WordPress), but will also include important things that will be new to you.  Jim and Ricky have several videos showing their exact keyword research process and what types of keywords generate the best results for them.

A Bit About The Founders Of Project 24

Project 24 has been co-founded by two friends from Idaho namely Jim and Ricky. They have been in the online money-making business for over 15 years now and they know what has worked for them as they themselves have made million following the very thing they preach but they just don’t go on showing off like the rest of the marketers out there and rather prefer to lead a simpler lifestyle. They are quite open about their journey and even have their families come in during one of the Youtube videos where Jim explain how you can take this online marketing thing on as a couple

Moreover, in each and every one of their videos they also tell one unique thing about themselves so you get to know more and more about them in each and every passing video you watch of them. This really does show into how real and authentic these guys are, they even have their children playing around in some of their videos. One can easily relate to their lifestyle and truly see their genuinity.

Pros & Cons

A Legit program in a sea
of fake gurus and programs
out there
Costs $449 in the first year
and then $199 per year
have a Youtube channel that
provides alot of vaule,
is the link if you want to
look into it” Income School
This is not a get rich quick scheme
Don’t promote backlinking
which most of the times takes
hours of investment
The methods used are a bit
unconvetional but they have
proven themselves countless
Focus Solely on quality content
Don’t support using any kinds
of research tools of any sort
which means that you won’t
have to spend money on things
like tools like ahrefs
Niche Site Building and earning
money through is a model that
has been proven to work for
thousands of time but it does
require work and patience
The podcasts are very helpful
The Acabado theme has also
proved quite helpful for quite a few
The videos are simple to understand
and enjoyable to understand


Income School is one of our most recommended programs that you can join. It is without a doubt a legit program in a see of worthless money-making scams. It has proven to be successful for quite a few people out there. But the program does require you to be patient and stay consistent, you can start off by allocating an hour or two in the start. But remember the program takes time.

Anyways do let us know if you have any related questions. And if you are looking for another program that can teach you to make money online another one of the products that we recommend is ” Authority Hacker’s Tass” So do give it a look if you are intereted

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