CPA Boss Review: Should You Get It?

CPA Marketing is a really good method to make money online especially because it’s not as saturated as compared t other online money-making methods. Secondly, it’s quick and easy money and you don’t need to have a heavy investment in order to prosper in this industry. For those of you who don’t know CPA marketing is an affiliate online business model where a person gets paid every time the user takes a certain action like getting a quote, signing up for a trial, making a purchase, or filling out a form. It is essential for you to understand what CPA marketing is as the product we are reviewing today “CPA Boss” stands on this model

A picture showing CPA Boss to better elaborate "CPA Boss Review"

There are quite a lot of things that go into CPA marketing and to actually start earning money through this can take some struggle without a doubt. But this is definitely a field that has an immense level of potential and that should be on your list if you are looking to get started making money online. If you want to learn more about CPA marketing, backlinko has a great article written on this very topic, do give it a look if you are interested “CPA Marketing: The Ultimate Guide (Updated)

Recognizing the immense potential CPA marketing has, there have been quite a few products that have mopped the online market that claim to help you make money through CPA marketing. And one of these products that have just recently come out is “CPA Boss”. So we decided to give this product a review so you would know if this product is going to be worth your time and money. Without further ado, let’s get right into it

What Is CPA Boss?

This is a product that claims to help you make money from CPA marketing. It comes with software that does most of the work for you along with lots of videos that teach you what you are supposed to do and how things are supposed to optimally work together. You will be getting a software that the founders of this product have been using for quite some years now and which has been working for them quite well. You will also be taken through actual case studies to show you how things are actually supposed to work out. Moreover, the software is quite beginner-friendly so you don’t have to worry about anything even if this is the very first time you are doing any thing related to CPA marketing.

CPA Boss will also take you through its own unique way of getting traffic which means that you won’t have to spend lots of money, but it is still nonetheless paid traffic which means that you would be paying for the traffic that you would be getting, though less then the conventional paid traffic. CPA Boss also tries to keep the stuff to free traffic as much as possible for saving costs on your side. This means you also won’t have to wait for SEO as though it is the best way of getting traffic, it can take quite some time.

A Demo Video ( Skip to 5:24 to see the actual demo )

2 Real Life Case Studies

Learning from actual examples is one of the best ways to learn anything. This will actually show you how things actually compile to work out and how you can actually see money coming in through this business model

Video Training

Here, you will be taught about everything there is to know about CPA marketing and how you should optimally proceed with this product to actually make money. The video modules go as follows

  • Module #1: Sign Up For CPA Networks
  • Module #2: High Converting CPA Offer Selection
  • Module #3: Decide Your Funnel (Brainstorming)
  • Module #4: Create Your Funnel & More
  • Module #5: Bring Traffic To Your Funnel

The Software

The software that you would be getting with this product would be doing around 90% of your work for you, this will highly help you automate your business and get started with making money as soon as possible

A Bit About The Founders Of This Product

This is a product that has been created by Tem Blackbelt which majorly consists of Art Flair, Pollab Ghosal, and Ram Rawat, these are the ones in the picture shown above. They have been creating different software for quite a while now and have been quite successful in their online money making journey until now

Some of the founder’s previous products include “Top 5% Vendor”, “Superstar Vendor”, “Top 5% Affiliate”, “Superstar Affiliate” and “Vender”

Some Reviews

A picture of some reviews to better elaborate on CPA Boss Review
A picture of some reviews to better elaborate on CPA Boss Review
A picture of some reviews to better elaborate on CPA Boss Review


This product comes at a front-end price of $17 which is quite cheap considering the amount of value, it is offering. Moreover, in case you don’t end up liking this product, you can always go on and ask for a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase without any kind of problems. Down below is the picture showing the things that you would be getting for the front-end price of this product


The product also comes with a few upsells that you can buy, lets take a look at them now

Upsell 1- CPA Boss Pro for $ 37: You will be getting the fllowing things in this upsell

  • Generating an unlimited amount of traffic
  • Be taught how to scale the CPA income
  • Set up an unlimited amount of campaigns

Upsell 2 – Done For You for $ 47: This includes already done for you stuff that you can get started with in a few minutes

  • Done For You Engagement Posts
  • Done For You Squeeze Pages
  • Done For You Evergreen Affiliate Campaigns
  • Done For You AUTOMATED Campaigns
  • Done For You CPA Campaigns
  • Done For You Social Media Promos
  • Done For You Email Campaigns
  • Done For You Stock Music
  • Done For You Images

Upsell 3 – Affiliate Case Studies for $27

You will be able to copy-paste from 8 real life case studies, each and every single one of which has been prove. All that would need to be done from your behalf would be to copy-paste

Upsell – 6x Reseller License ($197)

In this upsell you would be getting 5 funnels that you can sell for yourself ad earn money from

  • You could Make up to $498 per sale
  • Resellers license to traffic turbine
  • You will also be getting a Resellers license to 5 additional funnels
  • All promo material

Upsell 5 – 6-Fig Training ($47)

This would include

  • Instagram Traffic Module
  • Google Adwords Module
  • Product Creation Module

Upgrade #6: 03 Traffic Softwares ($27)

Here you would be geting 3 additional softwares

Pros And Cons

Easy To use for complete
Comes with quite a few upsells
Introduces you to the realm
of CPA marketing which
is without a doubt a model
that has tonnes of potential
Comes with effective software
Easy to understand elaborate
training videos
Isn’t that expensive
Comes with a 30-day money
back guarantee
Can help you set up a passive
income stream
Most of the work is done for you


This is without a doubt a good product that can introduce you to the world of CPA marketing which is without a doubt something that you should be looking into if you are thinking of a way to start earning money online. What we suggest you to do is to buy the product and see if you can earn the front -end price of $17 within the first month as the product is supposed to start earning you a few bucks in the first few days. If it does you can go on with the product and even think of going for the upsells you like, and if you don’t feel satisfied you can always ask for a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase. Apart from this, if you are looking for programs that can teach you how to make money through niche sites, we have great articles written on Authority Hacker’s And Income School’s program, both of which we highly recommend. Do give them a look if you are interested. , “Authority Hacker’s TASS Review“, “Income School’s Project 24 Review: Is It Actually Good?

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