Commission Hero Review: Is Robby Blanchard Legit or A BIG SCAM?

Making money online is something that people spend thousands and thousands of dollars learning about. As people know if they actually learn to do this effectively, it has the potential of changing their lives forever. But, unfortunately, due to high demand and lust for money there are courses about making money online that don’t teach you anything and only end up taking money from you without providing any value to you. That is why we here at Minervareviews look at and critically analyze such products so that you don’t have to worry much about being scammed.

The product we will be looking at in this article is Commission Hero. This is a program made by Robby Blanchard who is a well-renowned affiliate and was also ranked the no.1 Clickbank affiliate recently. He surely has earned millions of dollars online and even had $1,000,000 months. So there are without a doubt learn a lot from him.

A picture of commision hero review to better elaborate Commision Hero Review
Commision Hero Review

In this course, the main focus would be teaching you to earn money through affiliate marketing, so before actually diving into the real review, lets first look into affiliate marketing and if you already know what affiliate marketing is. And want to dive right into the review you can skip this part of the article and scroll down to the heading,” What is Commission Hero?”

Looking into Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting other peoples’ products on your site and getting a commission if the product is actually sold through your reference. Moreover, the commission can be up to 75% for some products. So, it is surely something that has potential

How does it work?

Well, businesses, as we all know, need, and have to promote their products. Whereas, affiliate marketers do a very good job at promoting those products as they are trusted in their specific niches. So, basically they will plant a link with some descriptions on their websites promoting the specified product. Which, when clicked on, will open a new page from where they can actually buy the product.

When people click on the link, a cookie is stored on their device and the cookie contributes two main functions.

A picture of affiliate marketing to better elaborate Commision Hero Review
Commision Hero Review

  • It helps the business know from which affiliate this customer come through and who must be rewarded in case of an actual sale
  • It has an expiration date, which means people don’t need to buy the product immediately for you to get credit. For example, let’s say, someone clicked through your link to buy a speaker, but they had to run to the grocery store and get some other things done. They get back after a few hours and buy the speaker along with headphones. The affiliate marketer will get compensation for the speaker as well as the headphones. Even though he/she wasn’t even promoting the headphones.

Now that we have reviewed what affiliate marketing lets dive right into the review.

What is Commission Hero?

Like we explained earlier, this course is all about earning money through affiliate marketing. This will be done through using Facebook adds and some other techniques as well as making funnels that will actually convert people into buying the product that you will be promoting. Now, let us look into what you will be doing if you join this course

Some of the things that you will go through are these. We will look at them in more detail further down in the article

1. Choosing a product to promote: There are a lot of affiliate networks from where you can choose any kind of product that you like to promote. To guide you through this, the commission hero has a great set of videos so that you don’t lose your way. They will also tell you about the product and niches that are earning an immense amount of profits even in this time of a worldwide pandemic

2. Building landing page: After you have selected a good niche and product to promote, this course will teach you about building your landing page ( this is the page where you guide people as to what they are getting their selves into, and why they should be buying this product). They teach you how to make landing pages that are bound to convert people into actual customers. The course will help you even in developing such pages whilst telling you some important tricks of the trade. For instance, how to make good interactive images. which will help you even if you are not a good writer yourself.

3. Making Facebook adds: This is another quite important aspect. As people are earning millions as this article is being written just through Facebook adds.

A picture of facebook to better elaborate Commision Hero Review
Commision Hero Review

It teaches you how to set it all up and identify which things are working for you. And how you should keep on learning and evolving as you go further ahead in your online journey

All of the above-mentioned stuff only takes a few hours to go through. And when you actually get the hang of it, it will take only half an hour for you to have a good converting funnel set-up.

The Training program

The page that you land on once you sign up has all the main modules laid out on the left-hand side. And the page is absolutely easy to guide yourself through. Now let’s talk about the training and how it is distributed into different modules

A picture of the left hand side of the landing page of this course to better elaborate Commision Hero Review
Commision Hero Review

1.Getting started

This is where you are taught about the basics of affiliate marketing and affiliate networking. You will also set up your first ClickBank account here and learn about click funnels.

Moving on, you will be taught how to choose the product that you want to promote. Finding the right products of the product is quite important as that is what you will be selling for the rest of that campaign. After this, you learn about creating the right add image. And there is a lot of psychology that goes into this and the videos explain it in quite an easy to understand manner. After learning about add images, you will move onto learning about setting up your landing page. This is where you are taught about setting up your affiliate links, Domain, and your PHP landing page. Moreover, having a Clickbank is not a necessity whilst going through this course, you can also use any other kind of a page builder

2. Facebook setup

The whole of this section has one sole business which is setting up Facebook for your business, setting up campaigns. This part will also guide you through launching your first campaign, setting up your fan page, setting up your adds, Analysis of some already successful campaigns for better understanding, and some more things. To get an overview of things here is a youtube video from Robby Blanchard himself on this very topic

Commision Hero Review

3. Tracking and selling

This is the part where you see what parts of the campaigns are actually working for you. This part also tells you in detail about setting up tracking links and scale your campaigns to bring in some more money. You will learn about how to track spreadsheets, install tracking links and even use tracking IDs

Scaling is the next big step. If you don’t scale then there will be no improvement and you’ll be stuck at one place and this obviously is an advanced step. As you need to have an already established working campaign to start thinking of scaling

4. Resources and tools

This is the part of the commission hero that comes along with lots of “already done for you” add images, copies, and million-dollar Landing Page Swipes. There are a lot of people earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars through these already done for you stuff

2. Additional training

This part comes with Snapchat training, ninja tactics and also affiliate marketing training as well

  1. Snapchat training: It goes into detail about the Snapchat demographics. And how you use this social media platform to set up adds and run them
  2. The Ninja Tactics: Here lies things like reaching out to affiliates, spying on Facebook adds and also with how to deal with account shutdowns and also points like which credit card usage will maximize points on your ad spend
  3. Email marketing: This is another thing that you are taught in this course. And this is nonetheless an immensely important skill that is sure to benefit you. Let’s have a look at some stats to see the authenticity of its importance. Based on the data from 2018, it was ranked the most effective marketing channel !!. Surprisingly, right? you might be wondering why. Well, this is probably due to the sheer number of people using emails as data from 2017 shows that about 85% of adult internet users have an email. To further elaborate, here is another fact about email marketing. According to the Direct Marketing Association, you get $40 for every $1 that you spend on email marketing. Which are a fantastic return on investment and something that you rarely see with other platforms?

Live Sessions

This happens every week with Robby also included. This is a live Q&A session where members can ask questions. Any question that they have in their mind regarding their progress or anything related to the course


There are a lot of positive review of this course on this course’s website but they can be biased if you want to go to the site and have a look here is a link “commisionhero’s site“. And when you look at the overall sense of the market there are also some negative reviews of this product. An example of a negative review is down below as you should have a view of both the sides of the coin

Commision Hero Review

Pricing and refund

There are two pricing models that come with this product. You could either buy this product for $997 in one go or make two separate payments of $ 597. These two payments will be billed 30 days apart from each other. Now about the refund policy. This course has a unique policy when it comes to refunds. It doesn’t allow a refund for the first 12 months and claims that it takes nearly that amount of time to achieve success. This is a big con of this course as a person who doesn’t like this course would have to wait a whole year to actually get his money back


This course can actually provide value with what it pertains to. And there are actual people who have stuck to the program and started earning a lot of money. But this is an expensive course nonetheless. And is not something that everyone can afford, and the product does come with a lengthy refund policy. But, still, this product is no doubt worth giving a try. And even if you don’t have the money to buy this course, you should still look into affiliate marketing through youtube videos and blogs. As there is a tonne of information available online for free. Some of the blogs that you could follow to become more informed are and backlink. And one of our personal favorites is the youtube channel of income school. All of them provide great value and will surely help you in your online business journey.

And lastly, if you want to look into some other affiliate program before actually signing up. We wrote a review on the 12-minute affiliate system, so do give it a look also if you are interested “The 12-minute affiliate system review

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