Authority Hacker’s TASS Review: Is It The Best?

There are many programs out there that claim to make you a lot of money in an instant, but most of them end up being scams and some of them that do provide some value don’t provide it as much as they should considering their cost. This has troubled thousands of people out there who are just looking for a course that would effectively guide them through the process of making money online in a real way without any trickeries. There are only a bunch of courses that can actually help you do that and one of them that often comes up whilst discussing this matter is “Authority Hacker”, so we here at Minervareviews decided to review this product. We will be critically looking into all of its, features, pros, and cons so that you know if it will actually be worth your money.

What is Authority Hacker?

Let’s get one thing clear first Authority Hacker offers a multitude of courses coming at different price ranges. The courses are

  • The Authority Site System ( TASS )– For people who are thinking of building their affiliate sites. And are new in the world of earning money online. This is what we are reviewing in this article specifically as this is the course for newbies in the online world

And the rest of the two are not desinged for complette beginners

  • Authority Hacker Pro
  • The Shotgun Skycraper Blueprint–

Authority Hacker is an online platform that would teach you how to make money online by forming authority sites in various niches. Authority Hacker would basically educate you with pre-recorded videos regarding everything there is about establishing an authority site in your niche and monetizing it. The platform has been around for over 6 years now and has helped quite a few people on their online journey to actually attain freedom through their online journey. Some of the things that make them unique is that they are some of the few who actually do what the preach, are successful at it, are experts at branding and designs and are quite good at making systems as you will learn from them.

TASS covers everyone from complete newbies to people who have tried making money online and failed and to people who want to increase the amount of money they are making online

Authority Hacker: who is it for?

TASS is in no way a get rich quick scheme so if you want to earn money quick then this is not your course. But do keep in mind that no course that claims to teach you to earn thousands of dollars in only some time are a 100% fake as there is no online money making business that can just reap you fruit in a few days or even weeks.

How Does TASS Work?

Once you sign up for this program, you will be viewed the following homepage

The Authority Site System homepage

As we mentioned above the main crux of this course is about making authority sites in niches and earning money through ads and affiliate marketing. For those of you who don’t know affiliate marketing, let’s take a look into it as it would be one of the main sources of your income on your site

Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting other peoples’ products on your site and getting a commission if the product is actually sold through your reference. Moreover, the commission can be up to 75%for some products. So, it is surely something that has potential.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Well, businesses, as we all know, need, and have to promote their products. Whereas, affiliate marketers do a very good job at promoting those products as they are trusted in their specific niches. So, basically they will plant a link with some descriptions on their websites promoting the specified product. Which, when clicked on, will open a new page from where they can actually buy the product.

When people click on the link, a cookie is stored on their device and the cookie contributes two main functions

  • It helps the business know from which affiliate this customer come through and who must be rewarded in case of an actual sale
  • It has an expiration date, which means people don’t need to buy the product immediately for you to get credit. For example, let’s say, someone clicked through your link to buy a speaker, but they had to run to the grocery store and get some other things done. They get back after a few hours and buy the speaker along with headphones. The affiliate marketer will get compensation for the speaker as well as the headphones. Even though he/she wasn’t even promoting the headphones.

Now that we have had an in-depth view of affiliate marketing. Let’s look into what” “TASS” further pertains to. And if you want to dive into even more depth as to what affiliate marketing is, has a great article written on just this topic, so do give the following link a click if you are interested “Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step GuideBut don’t worry, you will be taught all about it the course too.

The main three stages that The Authority Site System ( TASS ) revolve around are Affilaites, ads and products

Authority Hacker's three stages

Ranking High On Google

This is one of the things that the course focuses the most on. As this is the thing that matters the most at the end. There is no doubt to the fact that getting people to come to your site through Google is one of the best ways of getting traffic. This is also referred to as search engine optimization or SEO. People spend thousands of dollars only figuring this part out as the potential that it pertains to is limitless. And recognizing the immense potential of SEO, the founders of this program focus highly on SEO. To better elaborate what SEO is,

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) basically refers to optimizing your website for search engines like Google. So that, whenever someone searches something relevant to what you have published/posted, you are the first thing that Google shows the searcher, no matter where geographically the search is from

A picture showing some different factors that can affect SEO to better elaborate "Difference between digital marketing and eCommerce'

Simply put, this means working your way to actually be ranked by google for searches. There are a lot of things, more than 200 of them in fact, that Google considers when it comes to ranking. Google asks questions like how many times is the keyword mentioned throughout the text, what’s the content like… will it really be helpful, does the page have internal links, the quality of the site, who is the writer, is the page linked to authoritative sites, is the site mobile optimized, is it secure and many others. Many websites try very hard to optimize their content to these questions so that they are what google ultimately chooses to show for a specific keyword. This is known as Search Engine Optimization. Ecomscoop has a related article if you want to learn more ” Breaking down SEO writing”.

The training is devided into 5 training modules and a bonus module

Module 1:  The Authority Site Business Model 101

This is where you will be taught how authority sites actually do make money. They will show you the ways that they have found most efficient and teach you how to use them and what kind of business model you should use

Module 2: Niche Research & Content Planning

This is where the main part starts. You will be taught how to choose a niche to target and build a site on and then told about how to do keyword research and actually target words and phrases that will bring you traffic

Module 3: Site Setup

This is where you will be shown to set your site up completely step by step. You don’t require any kind of technical knowledge for this. You will also be shown how this is done on a demo site so you can better copy what needs to be done

Module 4: Content Production & Outsourcing

This module pertains to creating actual content and making blog posts templates to follow for your sites. You will also be shown from where to optimally outsourced the production

Module 5: Intense Link Building

Just as the name suggests this module covers Link Building. Link building refers to getting links from other sites. This can play a very important role i the ranking f a site without a doubt. And this module covers this very aspect at great length so even beginners can understand whit hat easy ways to build links.

Bonus: Fill The Blank Templates

Every step down the way, custom formats have been built and provided to you. This way you will never have to start any task from a blank document

The Facebook Community

They also have a members-only Facebook group where the members of the program can ask anything during their online journey. The group looks something like the picture given below

The group is quite active and has over 2000 members as of this moment and the group is without a doubt quite active as group members are prompt to respond to the queries within only a few minutes. Some of the members of this program think that this is the best part about this program as it ensures them that someone has got their back

A Bit About The Founders Of This Product

Authority Hacker has two founders in total and these are Gael Breton and Mark Webster.

Authority Hacker: Mark Webster and Gael Breton

Gael is originally from France and teaches around half the lessons on Authoity Hacker.

Gael creates and curates content for both the blog and our training courses. He also directs the market research and strategic planning the site. In his spare time, he can usually be found in his secret laboratory testing the latest SEO tools and tactics. He started his marketing career as an intern in college. After graduating he went back to work for the same company and ended up in charge of the whole office 6 weeks later.

He’s spoken at prestigious organizations such as Oxford University, Harvard Business School, Wharton and General Assembly. He has also spoken to several conferences including DMSS and DCBKK. He has also appeared on countless podcasts and webinars on such reputable platforms as Ahrefs and SEMRush.

Gael’s Talk In Harvard University

Mark Webster is from Scotland and he teaches the other half of the lectures.

He got his start in online marketing tinkering with AdSense campaigns and creating ClickBank products back in 2008. Mark is a systems expert and possibly a robot. He takes the tactics developed through small-scale experimentation and scales them to enterprise level. Efficiency and organization is his motto.

In particular, Mark builds world-class, large-scale content creation and white hat link building systems for the authority sites under the Authority Hacker umbrella. He also oversees hiring, outsourcing, customer support and the Authority Hacker podcast. He also creates content for Authority Hacker’s courses. In addition to his marketing duties, Mark oversees the business side of Authority Hacker and its related properties.

They both met in 2011 and have been partner ever since. They also have a Youtube channel by the name of Authority Hacker where they provide free value. Here is a link if you want to check that out ” Authority Hacker’s Youtube Channel

Step By Step Instructions

All of the instructions are given in small, comprehensible, easy to understand way

The Authority Site System Trello board

The board shows how small portions sum up the course. This course. Gael says the following about the board

“If you go from the beginning to the end of this to-do list, you will have a profitable website.”

They do stand up to that to the most extent as they cover nearly every point there is including the following

  • Niche research
  • Picking a domain name
  • Designing your website
  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • And others.


TASS also comes with tens of templates that it gives to its signees for free so that they will help you whilst making your site. You will also be getting a bunch of free email templates that you can use to effectively do email marketing, which is without a great pro as email marketing can play a very important role. As they say in the online marketing world, every dollar spent on email marketing brings back $40

No Fake Advertisements

They don’t use any kind of shady advertisements, show off cars or houses to get you involved, they just provide value and then some more value. Moreover, they don’t keep on selling their program on their youtube channel but rather focus on providing value to people who aren’t signed up too. And the times that they do talk about their program they do it quite admittedly, open and transparently. Moreover, after you buy this program they try to cover you whole, but you would have to buy some other stuff like the domain name and research tool. But there are no upsells or anything of this sort. Last but not the least, their content is not boring to watch and is quite easy to see from their content that they are only preaching stuff that they actually believe in.

Price Of The Authority Site System

The authority site system of authority hacker comes at a price of $599. At this price, you will get lifetime access to this program which is something quite good as not all the programs out there give lifetime access. But this might not be the only cost that you will have to cover as you will have to buy a domain which costs around $10 and some tools that they use. Moreover, they have a whole video around the very aspect of budgeting so you don’t have to worry about that. They also do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so in case you don’t end up liking this product you can just simply ask for a refund

Pros & Cons

A Legit program in a sea
of fake gurus and programs
out there
Costs $599 which is a bit
expensive and might not be in
affordability of everyone
There are a bunch of positive
reviews and is often reffered to
as one of the best courses there
are right now to help you get
started with making money online
You will have to buy some
other things like the domain
and some research tools
Comes With a bunch of free
Focuses highly on SEO which
is without a doubt a great thing
as SEO is one of the most important
aspects when it comes to online
marketing and money-making
Coems with text as well as video
lectures. This can help clear out
stuff if one is having trouble
completely understanding
Have a Youtube channel that
provides a lot of value,
is the link if you want to
look into it” Authority Hacker
Niche Site Building and earning
money through is a model that
has been proven to work for
thousands of time but it does
require work and patience
Comes with a 30 day money-back
The videos are simple to understand
and enjoyable to understand


Authority Hacker’s TASS is one of our most recommended programs that you can join. It is without a doubt a legit program in a see of worthless money-making scams. It has proven to be successful for quite a few people out there. But the program does require you to be patient and stay consistent, you can start off by allocating an hour or two in the start. But remember the program takes time. Moreover, it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so in case you don’t feel satisfied, you can ask for a refund in the first 30 days

Anyways do let us know if you have any related questions. And if you are looking into programs that can teach you to make money online then we have an article written on the 12-minute affiliate system and simple wifi profit. So do give them a look if you’re interested, “simple wifi profit“, “the 12-minute affiliate system

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