Adscouter Review: Is It Any Good?

Social media is without a doubt becoming one of the greatest marketplaces of our time. And any business not engaging and benefiting from this newfound way of marketing would without a doubt be losing a great opportunity. One of the easiest ways to earn money through social media is through running ads, this is a highly effective way to interact with potential customers and actually make money.

Fun Fact

Facebook Is Estimated To Make A Revenue Of Nearly $95 Billion Just Through Its Add In The Year 2021

The above fact just stands to show how big of a business social media is and this market isn’t slowing down any time soon.

There are quite a lot of ways that you can run through those ads, you can link them to to your landing pages or your affiliate links. From where onwards you can easily land a sale or at least increase your email list. Considering the immense. Considering the immense potential that these social media markets have, there are quite a lot of products that are launched each and every day that claim to help you make money through these platforms. One recent product that has just come out is “Adscouter” which is a product that primarily focuses on helping you make money through ads on Facebook And Instagram. So considering the number of queries that people have regarding this product. We decided to look into it, so you know if it is something that you should be investing your time and money into. So, without further ado, let’s get right into analyzing the pros, cons and overall features of this product

What Is AdScouter All About?

This is a spy tool that comes packed with quite a few features ( which we will be discussing in just a bit ) to help you run effective ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook and earn money through them. A very interesting thing about this product is that it uses artificial intelligence to find the most lucrative ads on Facebook. It is marketed as the most advanced and the first-ever ad-spy tool that you can use. So now that we have gotten the crux of this product lets dive right into what this product has to offer

A Video From The Founder of This Product

How Does AdScouter Work?

There are three simple steps that you can go through to get started with this product with quite some ease

  • First Step: Searching- Choosing A Keyword, a domain, a type of a campaign, an ad network, images, e.t.c.
  • Second Step: Selecting– This basically refers to you finding the best and most profitable campaigns, you can edit and change them however you want, make relevant landing pages and embed affiliate links and whatever else it is that suits you
  • 3rd Step: Get Started- here you stop with the questioning and move on to the part which actually benefits. As these are proven campaigns there is a very high probability that these campaigns will be profitable and you will be able to benefit from them without a doubt

Features Of AdScouter

Detecting Ads

The adscouter software is a master when it comes to detecting ads. Moreover, the adscouter software is quite adaptive and updates itself with newer ads that are uploaded on the social media platforms every few hours. This helps its stay more in the game and find you the best of the best ads possible. Apart from this AdScouter also comes with a “ProfitScore” which indicates the amount of lucrativeness a campaign potentially carries, this can be quite helpful whilst making decisions regarding which campaign to start

Object And Text Detection

This makes your ads more objective towards what lies within the image of the ad. This will help the interested potential customers find relevance with the context and click on your ads, from here they will be redirected to your sales page, or affiliate link however you want to operate

Using Reverse Image Search

This would help you uncover the right ads. The artificial intelligence scans images for campaigns according to similarity. This can help you figure out which kind of ads are prospering andare famous at the moment in your niche

Training Videos

These are basically videos that will be teaching you how to optimally use ProfitMeet according to you. Their video training is quite elaborate and easy to understand in itself and would leave you completely clear


The data that you are supplied is claimed to be highly accurate and derived directly from Facebook. AdScouter doesn’t rely on any kind of black hat methods to get you the information. And analyses the movements of the already being run campaign and Facebook’s data to supply you with information on which you can base your decisions on. The artificial intelligence algorithm that AdScouter is so proud of looks into images, objects, keywords and then goes on to categorize them and list them to you

Collection Of Tracked Ads

AdScouter has a very big collection of over 50 million ads in 60 different languages that you can look into and analyze. Moreover, the database of the system grows by over 30,000 ads every single day

Filtering Ads

This will help you find the most relevant ads you are looking for with a press of a button

Pricing Of This Product

This product comes at a front end price of $37 and also comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so in case you don’t end up liking the product, you can always ask for a refund. Moreover, there are also a few upgrades that you can get into if you’re interested. Down below is the relevant list if you re interested

OTO 1 – AdScouter AI – $47. Extra things that it would include are as follows

  • You can Search For Object along with Text Within Carousel Ads
  • Search Ads With Images
  • Able to Search Within Image Text
  • Ads Spotlight, here 30 of the most lucrative ads of the month will be revealed
  • VIP Support
  • Commercial Rights
  • Able To Request being a part of New Advertiser and track them

OTO 2 – AdScouter PRO – $97 Extra things that it would include are as follows

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Page SEO Score
  • Monitor Competitor Campaigns
  • Done For You Ads Service
  • Masterclass

OTO 3 – AdScouter Agency – $47

  • Campaign Management System
  • Acquisition Resources
  • Acquisition Funnel
  • Support For Several Languages
  • Create Sub-Users

OTO 4 – AdScouter AdCreator – $67

  • Image Enhancer Tool
  • Over a 100 Done for you Videos along with Image Ads Templates and Inspired From Real Profitable Ads
  • Commercial Rights
  • Advanced Video Ad Creator
  • Background Removal Tool
  • Image Ad Creator

Pros & Cons

Uses Artificial Intelligence to
function and figure out the best
ad campaigns that you can be a
part of
Comes with a few upsells
Comes with elaborate training so
you know how to effectively use
Adscouter and extract the most
benefit out of it
The algorithm updates itself to
include new ads every few hours,
so you will always be up-to-date
Over 50 Million Ads in 60
The probability of success increases
when the campaigns that you start
are already tested
Can also help in building an email
lists even if sale doesn’t come
Comes with a 30 Day Money
Back Guarantee, so in case you
don’t end up liking the product,
you can always ask for a refund

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7. The Art Of Selling Online

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8. The Traffic Handbook Video Course

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This video course will show you some of the most effective ways and methods of generating traffic to your website.

You will discover proven traffic methods you can apply today to grow your social media following, get more email subscribers, and increase sales.

How To Get Your Bonuses

It’s quite simple, just buy the course through our link and then send us an email at with your receipt and our team will send over your bonuses.


This is without a doubt a product that you should be getting into. It has something unique and with immense potential to offer which can prove quite lucrative for you. Moreover, its rather quite cheap coming at a price of $37. And in case you don’t end up liking the product you can always ask for a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase

Hopefully this article was helpful in making you a bit clear about this product, if you have any related questions, you can use the comment section below, and lastly if you want to are interested in making money through niche site creation, we have great articles on Authority hacker’s Tass and Income School’s project 24, so do give them a look if you are interested “Income School’s Project 24 Review: Is It Actually Good?“, “Authority Hacker’s TASS Review: Is It The Best?

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